Boise, Meridian Idaho and Surrounding Area Property Management

Elk Point Property Solutions is a full service property management company founded by former tenants, current property investors, and ethical business people. We know what it’s like to have that uncertain feeling letting a stranger take over management of something you’ve put a lot of equity into. We also know what it’s like to be a tenant and feel under appreciated and “used” during the tenancy of a property. That’s why our focus is about managing relationships and building trust in addition to quality property management for your property rental.

So Why Us For Your Property Rental?

Boise, Idaho and its surrounding areas has no shortage of managers to choose from. That’s why it’s important to do your research and talk with a property manager one on one before making any decisions. Whether you live in Meridian, Nampa, or even Middleton, we are confident a phone call with us will not be wasted time.

Do you ever wonder why it sometimes takes a company over 24 hours to respond to a call or a request?  So do we, that’s why we make it a point to have quick, reliable communication, and focus on providing proactive phone calls and emails to you with updates on your property.  Instead of receiving panic calls at 2 AM or while you are at work, we field the calls and handle the requests and inform you in a much more calm and appropriate manner when necessary.  It’s about taking the stress off your plate!


Latest Updates

Is the Home Rental Price Slowing
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The winter months are notoriously bad in comparison to other times of the year for getting a property rented.  Is it because of the seasons or are there other factors at play? Check it out Read More

1840 N Crestmon Dr, Meridian, ID 83646 ~ $975
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Check out our latest listing.  It’s perfect for anyone working in Meridian or Nampa, located minutes from downtown Meridian and grocery stores and within walking distance of convenience stores.  Contact us! 2089963896 Read More

Get it While It’s Hot!
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Idaho’s Available Property Up for Grabs It’s easy to forget we are living in our own secluded section of the world.  Life is fairly simple in Idaho, and home prices are representative of that.  While the population is growing, it’s … Read More

If you are an owner looking for a property manager you can trust, give us a call. We'd love to meet with you one on one and talk to you about our standards and what we can do for you.

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