Winter Cold Reminders!

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It happens every year.  A slow decline into cooler temperatures and then, out of nowhere, a drastic dump into single digits and people are left scrambling to take care of that cold weather preparation.  It’s part of the reason you should allow us to work with you to maintain your property.  It’s important to note that preparation for the real cold days extends beyond simple sprinkler blow outs and rolled up hoses.

If you are a tenant, remember that you aren’t saving money by turning off your heaters when you leave on vacation and come back to busted pipes.  Even more important, slow dripping faucets have been an excellent way to assure proper preventative damage to frozen pipes.  There’s plenty of disaster clean up options in the Boise, ID area, but avoiding the need for one of these is preferable, trust us!  If you want to take extra precautions, whip out some styrofoam faucet coverings for your outside areas and a little more peace of mind to your property obligations.

Above all else, remember to get out and enjoy the Idaho outdoors during the cold months.  There’s still plenty to do and enjoy!

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