Is the Home Rental Price Slowing

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The winter months are notoriously bad in comparison to other times of the year for getting a property rented.  Is it because of the seasons or are there other factors at play? Check it out

Get it While It’s Hot!

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Idaho’s Available Property Up for Grabs It’s easy to forget we are living in our own secluded section of the world.  Life is fairly simple in Idaho, and home prices are representative of that.  While the population is growing, it’s … Read More

Rents to Increase in 2016?

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According to this article, rents are expected to rise in 2016, as high as 5%!  That doesn’t necessarily mean the same for the Boise Idaho area, but it’s certainly information worthy to note.  Keep in mind, as a renter or … Read More

Winter Cold Reminders!

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It happens every year.  A slow decline into cooler temperatures and then, out of nowhere, a drastic dump into single digits and people are left scrambling to take care of that cold weather preparation.  It’s part of the reason you … Read More

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